Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sam jimmies the door

Right, so I live in Québec city now. Where people think of me as a city slicker because I'm from Montreal and look at me with either a little disdain, a little envy, or a little bit of both. If they care that is. Not everybody cares where you come from. Or judge you on it. a couple of weeks ago I had gone to Montreal for the weekend, and I came back to Quebec city without my keys. Oops. That was plot point one.
I live in a big house that has been converted into rooms that are rented out. So my room is on the second floor of the house. The room I couldn't get into cause it was locked. I went downstairs to Sam's room. He's Cambodian-Québécois, and pretty clever, so I figured he could help. But as we walked out of his room, I closed the door. Just as he said "ferme pas la porte -".
Now we're locked out of Sam's room and my room. So that night, using only a swedish penknife with one blade, we broke into Sam's room, went to the second floor, couldn't break into my room, but broke into the room NEXT to mine (who's occupant wasn't home yet) and climbed over to my upper window to pry it open. That part didn't work. And was scary. But we made two out of three break-ins!
Pictured here is Sam working on my neighbor's door. Haha.


Japhet said...

That is freakin hilarious. I want pics the next time it happens (cause we all know it will happen again). Also, I noticed you had a plot point #1 in this little story but you failed to graduate to plot point #2,3 or 4. Any reason why? Just thought I'd ask.

Matthew said...

I just thought I'd help you guys out with finding plot point #1, I guess. You know, in case you couldn't follow the cinematic prose. I'll figure out the other plot points when I make that 90 minutes of my life into a movie, I promise.