Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm not dead! Week 7 in the Chengdizzle.

I'm back! Not back from travels, I'm still living and loving in Chengdu, but I'm back to the internet. I know I've been neglecting you readers. Allow me to shift some of the blame to China's invasive internet policies, which made it temporarily impossible to get to my blog (I figured out a way to skirt the problem, though.) There are 35 new photos on my flickr! And I've thrown a lot of information from the past 3 weeks into the captions for those photos, instead of clogging my blogging, so if you really want to be caught up, go read them.
I've recorded 3 songs for you and that means the next post will be a twofer. For now, this song is "Dead" by They Might Be Giants, one of my favorite muzzikul groups. Soon to be one of your favorites:

The school session is almost over. And so, before winter break, I've taken some photos of my students to show you all. The top one is from the basketball courts at #17, where I teach grade 9. As for "news"... I'm just doing wonderfully and I'm really happy to be here. I love my students and my coworkers, I'm still making friends, and I have probably like a 95% well-being index. I love Chengdu and I couldn't be happier with the city, unless, of course, the smog should lift enough to see the sun once in a while. And wait! It did! Last week, on Sunday. It was a bona fide sunny day (for about 3 hours, anyway). So I took as many pictures as I could, Including this one, taken near the big Mao statue that appeared 2 or 3 posts back. The Chengdizzle is a bizziful city. I'm posting Christmas songs tomorrow, so check back!


Jenni~ru said...

yeah!! I'm glad to see that you are alive and well! I love the new pics and I might just try and "borrow" the images of the signs (my brother thought they were hysterical). Anyway, have a great Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not heading home for the New Year. But your pictures of the city really made me homesick.
- Spicygirl