Saturday, January 14, 2006

For Lizzie Loomis and West Virginia

I have lots of stories to tell, starting from Christmas. So I'll be posting again soon, but first, I wanted to put up a song for West Virginia. Most of the readers here are American, and I was thinking this morning about the Sago mine tragedy and the 12 miners and this is the song that came to me. It's "The Hills of West Virginia", by Phil Ochs.

Also relevant, Lizzie Loomis requested a long time ago that I play the hymn "Lead Kindly Light". It took me a long time to learn it, but here it is, too. For Lizzie and for Tallmansville, #2, "Lead, Kindly Light".

The pictures are mine. The seagull is from Lake Chapala in Mexico, and the tombstone from Quebec city. It's the oldest graveyard in the province, full of sailors and soldiers' wives who were often just in the New World for a season or two. It's downtown though, so people use it as a hangout, picnicking on the tombs and peeing on the trees. Lame

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laura said...

these are really beautiful, matthew, thank you.