Sunday, July 16, 2006

The K-stans: A Parable

Verily, verily I say unto you; Kazakhstan is like unto a DJ who entered a club and laid down some beats. And all the people up in the club was like: "We're not feeling this". And again there came into that place another DJ, and this DJ was like unto Kyrgyzstan. And this DJ laid down some fresh beats, and all the people in the club threw their hands up at him and said: "Yo, this rocks the house."

And his disciples were not amazed, for this one wasn't too hard to figure out: Kyrgyzstan totally rocks the house. I joke you not.

I have so many fresh pictures but they're not uploading! I'm going to get them all to you within the week, though!


byquist said...


Rick (Jerimiah Johnson) Byquist here. Marina has your site on her laptop, and your pictures are extraordinary!! Where are you now? Can we all join you?? Marina has been waiting on film work (I'll let her tell you -- did she send you her pictures from her trip to Greece?) with Denzel and Russell, but is heading up to the Newfound kitchen. I assume you might get this communication -- they forced me into becoming a blogger. If you actually get this send me an email at What's Ben up to? We took Kelly up to camp and it's very peaceful. Maine might not be the mountains of China, but it's all that New England has to offer! Enjoy your travels, Rick

nathanielW said...

every song, ever---matthew....where is
They'll Need A Crane.
didn't see that one.
You have an eye for photogrraphy, matt,
keep it up and don't leave (although you
already did) Central Asia
till i get there.

Tito said...

hey man, the pictureeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you are ok, having a great time

gray said...
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gray said...

I love that you love Raffi! I stumbled upon your cyber camp fire by accident while looking for the lyrics to "Thanks a Lot". That's one amazing song, it makes me feel calm right in the center. I also really loved the Poo song. Gotta love Camp songs. My favorite is about nose picking.

Matthew said...

Tito, the pictures are up, you whiner! They're on flickr, like always!
you can click on the flickr badge to the left, or go to
Nathaniel, I don't think I've put They'll Need a Crane on my blog ever. But if I have, it's there on Castpost. I didn't mean all the songs I've EVER PLAYED anywhere, I meant all the songs I've ever played on the blog. But I can do They'll Need a Crane no problem, if you'd like.
Gray, thanks! I clicked on your profile, but there's no blog or e-mail address attached, so I guess you'll remain a mystery. But thanks.

Anna said...

Salut Matthew !!!!
Je suis avec sophie de retour en france et on admirre avec envie tes photos et celles de Laura...
Quand est ce que tu repars qu on puisse venir te voir ?
Any way nous on t attend en france, c'est pas le plus exotique d accord, mais super sympathique !!!
Donne des nouvelles !!!!
Take care et enjoy...
Pleins de bisous de nous deux, ciao
Sophie et Anna

Tito said...

Ive been thinking about where is matthew.. like, its been soo long since ive seen a post.. are you either ok or still traveling??

just want to know if you are fine, take care man