Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fast Times at Family Camp

Family Camp in Maine was the bomb. What bomb? The proverbial bomb. My brother Benjamin showed up at my window in Montreal August 10th and he and I hopped a night bus down to Boston. At 6 in the morning we called the camp directors and found out they were driving up from Boston that morning, so they picked us up as we were playing guitar outside South Station.
Laura was there, Cam was there, Evan, Lizzie, Nate and Molly were there. Marinne too, which was nice because she's one of the best people to play Wicked Words with on intellectual late nights in the dining hall. Evan, Lizzie and I also had the pleasure of taking Jordan (from L.A.) on her first canoe ride ever, which was probably more exciting because it was a crowded nighttime stealth canoe ride over to the Owatonna beach to surprise the others and play Essence around a campfire.

Now to the chase: Everybody coupled up this summer. No joke. From the 16-year-olds to the old camp veterans, you'd have thought it was springtime in Bambi they way everybody got all twitterpated. So a lot of PDA and gossiping. Result: mild scandal and total hilarity. Good times.

The bun run (everybody canoes 2 miles down the lake at 6 am down to eat sticky buns) had a Harry Potter theme this year, which was perfect because I'd been getting into the band Harry and the Potters, and was waiting with bated breath to read the 7th book. Benjamin and I played the Weasly twins. Here are pictures of all of it, the bun run and camp fun, plus a song from the aforementioned wizard rockers. And all you HP haters, incidentally, can eat it. That large, proverbial, it.

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