Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Bangkok 1

This Sunday evening, Dec 21st, Megan and I went out to the Anglican church in Bangkok to attend an evening hymn sing they were having. Neither of us is Anglican (Episcopalian, for you Americans), but the carols were lovely, and it was really great to have a Christmassy religious service to go to and a carol sing wrapped into one. On Christmas eve, we'll probably be attending that same church's midnight communion. I've done that a few times back in Saint Lambert with some of my brothers on Christmases past. One time everyone was called up for communion, but we were told that if we weren't baptised we could just put our hands palms-down when it came our turn, and the minister would just bless us instead. My brother Richard apparently missed the memo, though, because we all went back and sat down afterwards and was like "hey, that was a good wafer".

It was funny at the time. I do miss Christmas in Quebec, but Christmas in Bangkok is actually shaping up to be a pretty lovely substitute, so far. See my other blog for all the carols I've been singing lately.

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Anonymous said...

2 important corrections to the story:
1) We were not told anything about how to take or refuse communion at the service. You just went up before me and turned your palms down and I watched you and did likewise. There were people between me and Richard, so all he saw was us kneeling.
2) When Rickard came back and sat down next to me, he said something like, "So what are we supposed to do with this?" and showed me the uneaten wafer.
Merry Christmas!
with love, Ben