Sunday, April 24, 2005

Intimate highlights of this week

It's late at night and I'm sharing (with no one) before I go to sleep.
Linden Arden stole the highlights. We're stealing it back.
Here they are for this week:

1. Skipping rocks at the lake in the park, and making one all the way across.
2. Being asked by the mayor if she could take a picture with me. Graciously accepting. Twice.
3. Climbing like, at least 4 trees in the park.
4. Baking chocolate chip cookies with Jessica (that reminds me...)
5. Haha, eating a leftover cookie right now
6. With the spring wind blowing like crazy, literally sailing a full city block on my bike from a standstill without pedaling. Bike sailing!
7. (And by far the best) Seeing a garbage truck crush a refrigerator! And near the end something got punctured and it started spraying white foam all over the street. Totally cathartic.

The end.
Goodnight stars / Goodnight air / Goodnight noises everywhere.

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