Thursday, April 21, 2005

Raison d'être

So Laura is my good friend, and she has a blog. I've been reading it the last few months. And Tito, who is also a friend of mine, though he lives far far away in Santiago de Chile, just now made himself a blog. Both here on Blogger. And he invited me to be a guest contributor or something. I haven't figured that out too well yet, but long story short, since I was on the site already, I made my own blog.
To be continued. Maybe. Or this might be the only post on here ever.
Hi Laura. Hi Tito.

Tito's blog:
Laura's blog:

1 comment:

Tito said...

HEY!!!!! congratulations!!! i have NO idea how this work,. but ive done some stuff on my blogger... anyway... talk to you later dude!