Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunrise Alone Time

So, the last post might have given some people the impression that I'm spending my time entertaining and living it up. That's only partly true. I am living it up, but the girlfriends staying over was an exception. I'm mostly "living it up" by having amazing alone time in a city which 2 months ago was almost totally new to me. To recap: I'm from Montreal. And I had been to Québec before moving here, of course, but if memory serves, only on a grade 6 field trip. And back then I was way more concerned with who I sat next to on the bus than seeing the city. So now I've been exploring! Pictured is an example. It was Friday night and I went out with my little guitar sometime after midnight to wander the old city and play. When I got back, the dawn was about to break, so I ran in for my camera, then made my way along the city wall to a fire escape, which I climbed up to the top. And saw the light grow over the city slowly, which was my very first Québec sunrise.

But back to bus seating on field trips: oh, man. Those were wild and stressful days. Were any of you guys like really really cool in elementary? I feel like everyone I meet claims they were a misfit back in the day, but is that just because in retrospect being a misfit seems romantic? Where did all the cool kids go?

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Japhet said...

Dude I was def not cool. I had tons of mosquito bites on my white ass legs that I covered up with my white ass tube socks that got all bloody when I scratched said mosquito bites. I was chubby to say the least (hence the nickname, Elephant Els) and I had a haircut that looked like a blind man had done the honors. but I was bigger than everyone else so no one messed with me. Also I played hockey so I got some respect there.

matt--you played guitar and wandered the streets of Old Quebec all night? (midnight to sunrise) Do you have a home or are you really living on the streets?

-Worried in Cali.