Wednesday, August 31, 2005


[Pictured: me in woods, friends Julie and Seth, my brother Benjamin.]
I left Family Camp Monday in the pouring rain, catching a ride up to Montreal with Emmanuelle, the only other Quebecker. From there I decided to take a bus to Ottawa, where my mother and 3 of my brothers now live. Seth Anderson from Nashville was supposed to drive me up after camp in his '89 Lincoln, but had to follow me up instead due to a breakdown. (He's looking to sell, btw...) I also saw Julie Snorek, another american camp friend, who was up here with her mother staying outside of Ottawa in a cabin in the woods that belongs to a church friend. My brother Benjamin and I spent a night there and took a hike in the woods which involved a whole lot of scratched legs and careful stepping. (See picture captions). The 4 of us also saw a light show projected onto the Parliament and listened to Daniel Johnston, who is a trip, I discovered. Today Seth and I take the Lincoln down to NYC. I'll be getting off in New Haven to see Laura (who was kissing a clam in the last post) before going back to Quebec to start a fall job. Quick New Haven story: I lived there with Laura last summer and one day, looking for a job, I went to a temp agency. I mistook the mezzanine for the second floor, though, and ended up walking right into Mayor John Destefano's campaign office (for CT governor). Anyway, we talked, and long story short, I ended up working there all summer. It was pretty cool, I staffed the mayor at some fundraisers and did lots of database stuff. The election still hasn't happened, so if you're in CT, vote Destefano. The End.


Tito said...

wow, i thought it was somenone else on the first picture!

Paul M. Martin said...

Yeah, I think most careers start by accident. Mine did.

PINKSandROSES said...

do you do alot of camping type stuff?

khris said...

why did i think of blair's witch when you guys were in the woods?

anyway, thanks for your post (in portuguese, should i mention)! i know i owe you an email, and i'm working on it i swear to god :)

god bless you, take care


Matthew said...

Tito, at some point I'll put together "The Many Hairstyles of Matthew Vaughan" just like you did on your blog, but yes, that's me with short-ish hair. 2000 and 2001 and this winter were long-hair years there were some shaved head moments in the late 90s, but generally I'm somewhere in between.
Jessyca (did I spell that right? who knows..) I do kind of do a lot of camping-type stuff, yeah. Although I'd probably say "a moderate amount". I recommend it, even though you don't like to get dirty. I love being clean as much as anyone, but a little mud in your socks once in a while makes you appreciate your showers even more.