Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Heart New Haven

My too-short visit to Laura in New Haven ends tomorrow. I visited the Destefano campaign office today and said hi to some people, specifically, Becky and Lauren (shout out). I love New Haven and I'm glad to visit it again. And by "New Haven", I don't mean "Yale". I mean Yale AND the fair and fascinating world that surrounds that bastion of Academe. And now, the restaurant roster. In the past four days, we've eaten:

-Japanese twice (Haya's on Trumbull)
-Ethiopian (Lalibela on Temple)
-Indian (Zaroka on York)
-Pizza (Pepe's on Wooster)
-Thai (Thai PanAsian on Chapel)
-and bubble tea from a new Vietnamese place.

Tomorrow morning I take a bus to Quebec city to start a new job: teaching English to bureaucrats at the National Assembly! For all the Americans who look at me quizzically and ask, "wait.. English?.. don't they speak English?" The answer is "no". Quebec is a francophone province and only 8.3 percent of its people are English mother-tongue, making me an (invisible) minority and explaining why our civil servants might need some English tutoring. Which works well for me. That's going to take me through October. After that I'm open to ideas or job offers, although I have a fancy that I'd like to go to China...


PINKSandROSES said...

hmm i've only had pizza out of the whole list of food... i'm uncultured :(

khris said...

teaching english? that's great!
that's what i'm also planning on doing here... but for brazilians. been doing it quite some time already, it's really fun, and going back to it. :)

take care

Kimmy said...

Sounds Like u are having a Great time MATT :)