Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm in ch-ch-ch-China and I've already got an internet hookup!
I just posted the post I wanted to put up right before I left (see below, there's a video!)
A new China post within the next 12 hours, people!


PINKSandROSES said...

i'm so excited for you!!!!


khris said...

yupiiiiii :P

have fun :)

Tito said...

wow man, that seems sooo cool...

im heading back home now, its time to continue studying..

have a great time over there, and write! or post!

Anonymous said...

I probably passed you on the streets of new york as you were taking that picture of the Chrysler building!! I'm sad i missed your brief passage through NYC, but I know you are now having the time of your life in China, so i guess i'm happy.