Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lake Champlain to Quebec city

I spent my last weekend before moving to China with Jess, a friend from high school, closing up her boat for the winter. We drove down to the marina in Plattsburg, NY and spent the night on her boat, which she bought second hand and fixed up herself (yeah, I'm impressed too). The bottom picture is me on the swings (more pictures). It was freezing but fun, except the squeaking of some mast bit all night long. The next morning dawned cold and sunny and we left Lake Champlain and made the drive up to Quebec city to see a few sights (but mostly to pack up my apartment).

This video was taken by Jess once we got to my apartment in Quebec and realized we were too tired to sightsee, and so lazed around for a while. I'm playing Crazy Love, by Van Morrison. A friend from camp loves it when I play this song and laughs when I sing "kiss and hug her", so though he didn't request it, this song goes out to Mark Clark in Fort Lauderdale, FLA.

It's 2am and in 4 hours I'll be boarding a 23-hour flight to Chengdu, China. Love to all of you and I'll write again once I can get settled in Asia.


laura said...

as another friend from camp who loves it when you play this song, let me just say: you're in china! and i can still hear you play the guitar! the world is wonderful.

Andrew Heining said...

I was thinking the same thing as Laura. Yay for quick and easy internet in China! Love the music and the VIDEO! How bout a rousing rendition of River, the Scouts Song, or something less campy? (not sure if campy is correct in this instance - it has another more traditional meaning I know, but in this case I mean "less like camp.") whew. Hey, I saw Joan from camp this morning outside the monitor. Julia and Isabelle are well, she tells me, though she didn't have any pictures. sad. OK. Longest. Comment. Ever.

Jenni~ru said...

Let Jess know that as a film major, I loved her cinematography! It's great. It's good to see you playing your guitar too!