Monday, March 27, 2006

Cambodia! Cambodia! Scroll down, suckas!

I'm back, fools! Just so no-one feels like they're interrupting a conversation, here are both the summary and the scoop (2-in-1!) Being from Montreal, Quebec, I've been living in Chengdu, China for 5 months, teaching high school. I took my winter vacation and spent it in Vietnam. Now I'm back in Chengdu, back at school, back in the saddle and with a new apartment and a new roommate to boot. I've just posted my account of Phnom Penh down below. New Chengdu news will go up above.
Smurf you later,


laura said...

seeing this picture of you with a moustache made me flash forward in time like 50 years. you look old. i mean, i hope i still know you then, but you're probably cuter now. also: are you in a swamp?

Jenny said...

I couldn't tell if that was a mustache or just bad lighting. Cu Chi tunnels? Did you pay $1 to shoot an AK47 or an M16?

How long were you in Vietnam?

Smitty said...

prepare to be unbored. Coming soon...

khris said...

back to the grind!!!

oh, btw, i got a job (finally)! i wish you could read portuguese and understand all the fuss about it.... or maybe i'll write you and bug you about it :)

take care and stay outside tunnels!

Nicholas said...

Great stories!
Saint Victor Hugo?!?!
FelicitaƧoes a senhora brasileira para o trabalho!