Thursday, April 20, 2006

Keepin' it masculine at the barbershop

Oh no I didn't! ...................Oh yes, I did.


khris said...

omg, i loved this haircut!
it's hysterical :)

you look more stylish than never, matt!

ttyl, keep us posted
take care xox

Nicholas said...

OK, what happened?! ;-)

S said...

it's so you. I remember yoour rat's tail that I wanted to cut at the cash at the indoor! btw, is that your appartment?

Matthew said...

Ok, the "indoor" S mentioned is the Piscine interieure de Saint Lambert where I worked as a lifeguard for 6 years. And yes, that is my apartment! Stylish, no? Nicholas: what "happened" is that I got a cool haircut. Hence the pictures of my new haircut. Speaking of which, thanks, Khris! I'm a laughingstock out in the alley I live in now, but at least I enjoy my new do.

Off Yonder said...

I hear it's all the rave in China. I think it was started by the cover up in the chinese media that President Hu Jintao has the same hairdo. It's all part of an underground approved cult in Chinese culture. Very complicated. Matt, could you elaborate? There must be some Dino-mentality involved, eh?

Susannah H. Snowden said...

oh do i love thee... blog!

esp the picts of the #11 class and the fancy pants hairstyle...oh no you didn' :)

thanks for sending along the new link--it is now in my computer. huah!

hope to see you soon (camp maybe???)

ps--i windsurfed today and it was fantastico!