Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A stolen bike, just like I like

My bicycle was stolen two days ago. But as the kids say, "It's all good". A short story for you crazy readers: I normally rode my bike to the bus stop. One day, I was trying frantically to lock my bike to a post so I could hop on the bus that had just arrived and make it to work on time, but found the post was just a little too thick, my lock a little too short. There was no use, I had to miss the bus and be late for work, or... leave my bike lying unlocked on the sidewalk. So I did! And 4 hours later, I came back on the bus and, yup, picked up my bike and rode it home, all like, "Ain't no thang".

So really, that incident made me feel so good that who cares if a few months later it got stolen? Not me, that's for sure. People in general are so nice that the one joker who took the bike is welcome to it, and may he or she ride it with gusto (and fix that squeaky axle). As for me: it's bike shopping time and I'm excited to get some new wheels.

P.S. Look at those cute girls! How could you care about a bike when those two are just all holding hands and being cute? It'd be nonsense.

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Andrew Heining said...

So Matt, my bike was stolen a couple weeks ago too. I was surprisingly calm when I emerged from the office to see the parking meter I locked it to naked as the day it was born... All that was left was the U-end of my twisted U-lock. Kryptonite my left foot!
I've been shopping for about a week now, and I think I've found a replacement on Craigslist. Yay.
I hope your search for new wheels has ended happily too.