Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some friends: a sampler

A short intro to some Chengdu friends, right to left.
Reshalati: my Uighur friend, from Xinjiang (west China), Muslim, studying anthropolgy at the Minority University (fitting, since she's a minority...) Speaks Uighur, Mandarin, Kazak, Turkish, Kirgyz, you name it.
Reed: from L.A. Plays hand drums and improvises pretty ridiculous songs on guitar. Majored in Mandarin in college, so I covet his language skeelz.
Brien: of "Brien and Natalie" married coworkers of mine from Buffalo, NY. Plays in a band with Douglas and Reed. Makes me Buffalo tofu wings with his special sauce.
Me: keeping it real. Trying, anyway.
Douglas: Speaks fluent Chinese, although Chinese people occasionally mistake him for Japanese, because they can't fathom that one of their own would have such weird hair and wear a skirt. I covet both his Chinese skeelz and his musical skills, which are... impressive.


Nicholas said...

Wow! Uighur culture and history is fascinating!

Matthew said...

I know! Which is why I've got some Uigtastic plans for travel before I go to Hong Kong in August. Xinjiang is a-calling my name. (And that name is Matthew, as I'm sure you'll remember. If not, I'll be happy to remind you in singsong.)

PINKSandROSES said...

back! you don't have to elsewhere anymore!