Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Music. Beaver Lake. Giddyup.

Winter has been good so far. Quick weather recap: January - ominously warm, February - freakin cold. Today I went out to Beaver Lake with Laura, which is just on the north side of Mount Royal in Montreal. Skiers were skiing, skaters skating, and sledders sledding. We didn't have sleds and didn't want to shell out 8$ for a tube, so we're going to pick up some crazy carpets at the dollar store tomorrow and go tobogganing on a Monday afternoon when no one's around.

In music news, two new songs today! Your own Worst Enemy is a favourite by They Might be Giants, and Casper the Friendly Ghost is a kicker by Daniel Johnston. I'm out of my blogging funk because I've ditched the frozen site and switched to, where I've put up all the songs that ever were on dumb ol' Castpost, plus 3 new ones, plus (and pay attention to this part) they're all downloadable! So head on over there and check it out, because the player on my sidebar is really cute, but it only shows the last 20 songs, and there are already 30 available on Odeo. More to come, I'll let you know. (Yabba-dabba do.)

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