Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disaster Intermission: Manicure

While I did volunteer and I did mourn and just couldn't have done otherwise than to take the last two weeks' events very seriously, I did engage in at least* one irreverent activity, which was to go get my nails painted with Megan (American) and Shirley and June (Chinese), three coworkers of mine. I've never had a manicure anywhere else, so I can't compare and contrast for you, but it was fun. Megan and June got plain old clear polish, Shirley went for bright red and I asked for rainbow. I had some discussion with the ladies working there about what exactly I meant, and in the end there was still confusion, because they gave me stripes and I had wanted solid colours. Oh well. They gave me the extra stripes underneath each main one as an afterthought, really. Next time I'll be more clear. For the moment, I'm fashion** enough for me.

*Uh, at very least

**fash·ion /ˈfæʃən/

-adjective [origin: Chinese English (Chinglish)]
1. Fashionable, stylish, attractive, in referring to clothes, accessories or the people wearing them.: Your new shirt, I think very fashion!


Nathaniel said...

forgot i could check your blog to see updates about your experience post-earthquake there. Glad to hear that things are going harmoniously for you.

Also, have you heard the band "Electric Presidents" ?

For some reason, their lyrics and style (and lead vocal) remind me of you. You should cover a song of theirs, Matthew style, and post it on the blog!
I'd recommend "Insomnia" or "Good Morning, Hypocrite"

Smiles from AK!

Jenny said...

I'm sorry I didn't check in sooner - I'm glad to hear you're ok!

Nice nails - yay for lost in translation :)