Thursday, September 22, 2005

Song 3, The Tatler

Here's the second of those 2 songs. It's by Ry Cooder, who I heard playing it on some Saturday Night Live rerun from the 70's when he was the musical guest. I later heard Billy Bragg doing it too. Anyway, the take-home message is: you want a good relationship? Give it a little effort, dummy. That's Ry Cooder's message, I mean. I personally believe good relationships just happen by themselves. You know, luck, or something.

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Jenny said...

Ah yes, that hotel was featured in an episode of the Bachelor!

Jenny said...

Sorry for the alter ego - it's me, Jenny of Newfound/Owatonna 2002.

On the China trip - a college roommate is in Beijing right now if you need a contact.

khris said...

matt, i am in love with your voice :) i didnt know you were that good of a singer :) my thumbs up for you!!!

now i need some teaching on how to post songs... can you help me please?