Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't Look Back in Anger

I figured out how to get more castpost space, so I'm back with a song for Khris. Since I leave for Chengdu tomorrow morning there might be one more post tonight, so check back, people.

There's the song, now for my evening. I called most of my friends in Montreal and told them "I'm leaving for China in 17 hours, do you want to hang out?" So I've had a hectic evening of meetings and goodbyes. The catch was that I have no real group of friends here, so I had lots of one-on-ones. There was some overlap. Round 6:30pm I was sitting in a chocolate café (mmmmmm) with Anna from France, Steve from high school, and Brendan, my American friend from translation grad school, all strangers to each other. Prior to, I saw Irina from France and afterwards had dinner with Steve at my favorite restaurant ever so I could see Ruru, who works there. I missed out on my former roomate, Rachid, and Rina and Vera, from CEGEP. All this and now I'm packing to move to Chengdu for who knows how long.

The pictures are from this weekend down at the marina in Plattsburg, NY. The flower looked like the last hurrah of summer (on the cusp of November!) so I took its portrait. Geese were flying overhead and it was a crisp sunny morning on Lake Champlain.


khris said...

omg that is the sweetest thing!!!!
loved it. hope you have a nice trip. may god bless you in your travels and queries.

dont forget to let us know how you`re doing.

ttyl xoxox :D

Jenni~ru said...

I am going to miss having you on the North American continent! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on China. Have a safe trip, I'm praying for ya!
'Til we hear from you again, (soon!)

PINKSandROSES said...

whoo hooo i bet i can name someone who is excited...