Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bei Hu and brickyards today

Today my friend Michelle (Jiang Ying) called me up and suggested we go visit an old school friend of hers who lives in the rural outskirts of Chengdu and has a one-month-old baby. I agreed. The village was centered around a brickyard where two guys were packing bricks one by one with a hand press that resembled a huge waffle iron or play-dough kitchen. At the new mother's house, chicken plucking and fermented rice were on the menu. I avoided both, but had fresh eggs and a nice visit. Michelle brought her a breast pump. Later, we walked out to Bei Hu (North Lake), where we boarded a raft and punted in the mud to our hearts' content. Dinner was rice porridge, some fabulous eggplant and gross bitter melon. The End!

Oh, also, a picture from the fall on Flickr.


laura said...

nice shirt!!!! also, i noticed you're up to 196 photos in flickr. fyi: without a paid account, if you upload over 200, some of your older ones get deleted. you're only allowed 200 at a time. so be careful, or you will befall my fate.

(it's been so long since i ate eggplant......)

Matthew said...

Thanks for the compliment (and the shirt, as a matter of fact.)
The shirt, for the dull of vision, says: "YALE. The Harvard of Universities."

And as for Flickr.. Oh no!