Friday, April 28, 2006

Buddies come through Chengdu.

Last week Nathaniel and Forrest, two Alaskan brothers, came to visit me in Chengdu, on their way from, get this: Alaska to India to Nepal to Tibet to Chengdu to Shanghai to Hong Kong to Beijing to Mongolia. They ended up spending a whole week here, which, in short, was fun.
Among other things, we went to a park called Ta Zi Shan and had shao-kao (barbeque) in the disgusting public barbeque pits (soiling your own nest is the Chinese way)
Played frisbee, did karaoke, had a halal dinner with Reshalati (Uyghur friend) and her oil-baron uncle from Xinjiang and his underlings (see dinner photo). Actually, he's not her uncle. But the actual link is way complicated. And he's not an oil-baron. But he is a big shot in the oil company and party member. And he did have lots of underlings.
Basically, having those guys here was awesome. They're sweethearts for visiting, and Maria's a sweetheart for being such a good roommate about it. Nathaniel's blog is here. A lot of these pictures are his, since he's a freelance photographer. Dig it.

More pictures than I know what to do with. And more to come!


Anonymous said...

It's so good to see those two, even if it is just a photo. They have to be right up there on my list of favorite people! I remember laughing so much watching Nathaniel eat a bowl of cereal out of his chest. Someone else reading this must have seen that too?!?

Oh, the memories...

- Sal (a namesake authored by, if my memory serves me correctly, none other than Nathaniel Wilder himself)

Tito said...

you have fun alllll the time... everyone around you have a great time with you always!!

take care

Andrew Heining said...

Didya catch Nat's recent feature in the Monitor? It was fun for me seeing a familiar name...