Saturday, June 17, 2006

My first gig. Ever.

-Yes, I'm still in Chengdu. I'm almost done the school year and so I'll be travelling a little, soon.
In recent news, my friends Douglas, Brien, Melissa and Reed are in a band that plays gigs around the city fairly often. This week they needed an opening act and so they invited me to come along and play guitar and sing. Which I did. It was at 8086 bar, in a busy part of town I've never been to before. The crowd was small, but not small enough for me not to feel nervous on stage. I'm not sure I remember everything I played. I tend to skip the instrumental bits of songs I play because I lack the technical skills to make them interesting, and so it takes a lot more to fill up 20 minutes. My repertoire was Billy Bragg-heavy, and I know I threw in
"The Sun Shines Down on Me" Daniel Johnston
"The Tatler" Ry Cooder
"Billy" Bob Dylan.
Being in China, I also found it humorous to perform Billy Bragg's "World Turned Upside Down", a song about collectivist farmers in 17th-century England that includes the words "The sin of property we do disdain, no man has any right to buy or sell the earth for private gain".
Teehee, politics.

You'll notice I'm posting songs again!

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Off Yonder said...

Nice Dude! Did you get hoards of scrameing teenage girl fans accosting you for your autograph?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Tatiana, from Brazil

I was looking at your orkut and I liked it. If you want, email me, I would love to know you better...