Thursday, June 22, 2006

Done layed around this old town too long

Two days ago I biked up to the north train station and bought a ticket on a sleeper train to Xinjiang, the wild west of China that borders, get this:
Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. So I'm leaving this morning, destination: Urumqi, Xinjiang.

So many things have gone unposted here in the last couple of months. I don't want to confuse you or bore myself by writing about them all, but I have a simple solution. Those who want to get caught up should go to my flickr page and check out my photo sets. Read my comments to know what you're looking at.

-Laura came to visit me here, prior to her 8-week internship in Hong Kong, now in progress. I'll be seeing her again in August and we'll fly to North America together. Her visit was great, I had missed her, and it was good to be able to show her around a little (although one realizes how little of a city you can see in a week...) Set.

-My roommate Maria left Chengdu for always and forever. We gave her a surprise dinner before she left (surprise) and the apartment has been boring ever since. Set.

-Exploring Chengdu. So much of that has happened I can't even tell you. Two photo sets:
  1. One of weekend fun with friends (esp. Brien and Natalie) here
  2. One of city shots here
The photos here in this post are just to show what I'll be leaving. Chengdu is a fabulous city. For a kind of sterotypical article on its place in the Chinese metropolitan pantheon, click here. For a taste of what I'm headed towards, click right here. Lastly, has anyone else noticed how good I've been about staying under my 300-word limit?

1 comment:

Tito said...

its been sooo long since we last talked..
and soo many things have happened since then.. good, bad, just different..

I dont know if I should stay that your blog is changing, as mine, but i can notice that there is something different on it, i can notice that you write less, as I, and that you have too much to tell, but less time.
Probably is just that we are getting to busy, either doing things, or simply, enjoying what we are doing. In either case, i believe, and im sure, its the right path..

anyway.. still, its great to hear from you, keep up having an amazing time!