Wednesday, June 21, 2006

End of School

Classes are over. So I'm on summer vacation! I'm going to leave Chengdu soon to go travelling for a month. I'm not inspired to write a long essay about how teaching in China is for me, because I spend more than enough time talking about the ups and downs of my job with co-workers here. Here's a list of higlights and lowlights, though:

Number 11 High School
  • Students at number 11 started to leave 15 minutes before the bell and I had to swing a wet mop to herd them back inside the classroom.
  • 1 kid calls me guawazi (stupid melon) every day. I tell him his mom's a guawazi.
  • 1 bully kid speaks no English and hates school but likes jazz, and keeps asking me to form a band with him.
  • Brought my frisbee to class and it ended up a second-floor ledge. Had to break into a classroom and climb out the window to get it.
Number 7 High School
  • Taught my classes to play 'mafia', a murder guessing game.
  • Showed my classes an American classic: Edward Scissorhands
  • Also taught them lots of English, don't worry. They're clever kids.
Number 7 Grade 2
-Brought in my guitar and we spent almost half of every class singing songs.
-They absolutely adore "Mama's taking us to the zoo tomorrow"
-I felt so bad! All my students cried on my last day! Even some of the boys!

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Anonymous said...

so why are you leaving?