Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Family Camp 2006

This year, like every year since 2001, I made it to Harrison, Maine to work at family camp. And this year, like every year, it ruled. The difference was that this year I was coming straight from China. Laura and I flew from Hong Kong to D.C. and I took a plane to Boston and caught a bus to Portland.
Laura couldn't make it, but Benjamin showed up for the second week, Nate Frederick was stirring things up both weeks after another whole summer at camp, and there were a whole lot of others, old and new. Speaking of which, props (propositions?) go to Evan B, for being totally new and totally... fantastic. Some combination of Lizzie L. and Liz T. convinced him to come up from NYC, I can't remember exactly. Sunny days on the dock, boat rides with kids, and more shenanigans than you can shake a stick at. Too many fun people to mention, so all the pictures are here. Ashley Penrose, who hadn't been seen in those parts since 1999, even made an appearance near the end, to top off 2 weeks of hilarity and hijinks. At close of 2nd week, travelling Cam Martindell went up to Grey Knob hut to be a mountain man, Benjamin drove me to Montreal which I hadn't seen in a year, and Laura met me there the next day, which is where we both are now. Posts from here on in will be Montreal fun in the autumn sun.

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Tito said...

hey matthew, its been a looong loong time, i really enjoy reading your blog, and wow, sooo many pictures!!!!

so whats up now??? what are you up to now in canada??