Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Marie, Reine du Monde

My guitars (the big one and the little bitty one) are going through some hard times. Fortunately my brother Benjamin might be coming in to Montreal from Ottawa this weekend, so I'll try to get him to give me his expert advice on how to make them sound nicer. For the time being though, they can still play, so I recorded a new song tonight. It's by Townes Van Zandt, a country singer of some considerable street cred, I understand. Douglas in Chengdu got me into him. The song is Pancho and Lefty, and it's a cinematic western about a bandit who "wore his guns outside his pants, for all the honest world to feel". Woah.

Pancho and Lefty (powered by ODEO)
Last weekend Laura's (twin) sister Sabrina came to town from Brooklyn, we ate at Juliette et Chocolat, my favourite place in Montreal for melted chocolate in a mug. Also last week I was exploring a lot, and took a lot of pictures of Carré Saint Louis and the Basilique Cathédrale Marie Reine du Monde, among other places. Mary being queen of the world isn't something I knew about Catholic theology until I went to Mexico and learned about that sort of thing. It's interesting. Spring is coming to Montreal and it looks like so is Katie, a friend of my brother's I've never met, but who might be tapping on my window sometime this weekend. Must clear the floor and get out the air mattress. Love to you peoples,


Brien said...

Thanks for noticing...we dont move in till "maybeeee" apr 20 - may 1. Its no Dong Feng Da Qiao, but its nice...3 bedroom upper, hardwood floors, big kitchen, porch, and two parking close enough to our respective workplaces that we can leave the damn cars in their damn parking spots

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