Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Great Divide: Rise Up Singing Gets Its Own Blog

Ok, I've decided that it's weird to be posting a song a day (so far so good!) from Rise Up Singing on my "None of your Business" blog. I mean, what if strangers come because they want to learn songs and then they see my heading and news about living in Thailand and stuff. They'll think "Am I in the right place? Who's this guy?"
So, to avoid people asking "Am I in the right place?", I've just made a new 'right place'. From now on, the right place to go for songs from Rise Up Singing and nothing else is here, at the brand new Rise Up Singing Project blog:

Everything else in my life, you know, all the stuff that's "none of your business", you can still get right here. I've got a post about toilet paper in the works which I might hit you all with tomorrow.

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Alice said...

still waiting to hear about the tp that's none of my business... ;-)