Saturday, October 22, 2005

Back in New Haven

I'm in beautiful New Haven, CT, visiting Laura before I leave for Chengdu. I've also been boning up on my Mandarin before I leave. I took a class about 4 years ago, but basically.. it didn't stick very well. Bu hao. New Haven is lovely as usual. I spent a couple of hours Thursday climbing trees on the green (it's one of those classic New England cities, built on a grid planned out around a central town green.) And you'll see some pictures from a beautilful maple I went up (more here). Then I visited Shonu, at the DeStefano campaign office, where I interned on a temporary U.S. visa last summer 2004. She invited me to a debate the mayor was in that night, sponsored by the NAACP, which was part of the upcoming mayoral election, not the gubernatorial. I went, and it was good. They talked about IDs for illegal immigrants, economic growth, bike crime, all the good stuff. It was fun. But mostly, I've been spending time with Laura, which is the whole point of being here.

Today's song I recorded a little while ago. I don't have a guitar with me, and Yale's dorms have thin walls anyway, so I haven't been able to give any love to Khris or Lizzie's requests yet. So for today, it's "Black Diamond Bay" by Bob Dylan, a story-song about a mysterious woman on some island resort. There's a love interest, a suicide, and a volcano ends up erupting and sinking the island. Walter Cronkite also figures in peripherally at the end. Hope you like it.


PINKSandROSES said...

the time is getting near!

twh said...

originally being from california,i was never really able to witness the change in the seasons. there were a few trees that would turn but nothing like what i see here in illinois now. there are sugar maples everywhere and the colors are breathtaking. i just might have to get a camera and share sometime.

that's really no your word identifications are very short!!