Monday, October 31, 2005

Going Through New York

In coming back from new Haven after my last post, I had just enough time to pass through New York before my 12-hour train ride to Montreal. It was 7am and it was sunny and I love New York. There was a year recently where I spent all the time I could in Brooklyn, but that's over now, so it's nice to pass through whenever I can. Back in Montreal, I had a quick sleep before meeting my friend Jessica for a weekend camping and moving my stuff out of Québec city.

Now for today's request, Khris, I finally put together some Britpop for you. Oasis' Don't Look Back in Anger. Tomorrow I'm leaving for China, so you see, I did finish your request before moving! Here's the problem through. My castpost account is over quota so I can't upload it. Anyone with good advice should please let me know, cause otherwise I guess I can't post songs anymore...

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