Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday morning rock #1

(The Gare du Palais train station and the industrial port of Québec)

It's Monday morning and you all need to start the week off well, so I'm trying to do my part to help by not playing a depressing song, but rather a pretty kicking song, by the Violent Femmes.
- Happy Monday, you busy bees.

In other news (and speaking of busy) I have a second job as of last Wednesday. I wanted to pick up some more hours working somewhere, and I finally got hired at a souvenir boutique in the old city. Here's a picture. It's minimum wage, but just what I needed cause it's the kind of job I won't feel too bad quitting in a few weeks so I can run off to China. So for now I sell stuff, I mean junk, to tourists, as well as teach English to bureaucrats. I've already gotten to practice some Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese at work. Tourists are fun! (Bureaucrats are ok, too. They'd better be, cause I've got a full day of them today).

Sock it to me,


khris said...

good think your portuguese is not gonna sink :)

i hope you dont forget to play my song before you head to china ;)

tchau matt, tenha uma boa semana!

khris said...

good THING... oh well

Cameron said...

Bro... you gots to lay down some lovin' Guantanamera for me. I've got the first verse... half way through the 2nd... I've not been as diligent as I was at camp. But the recoding will help heaps.
Did I tell you I went to a Cuban Restaurant while in NYC and requested Guantanamera? It was pretty sweet! The folks were impressed I knew the first verse... ahem... Ciao!

Boat Night said...

From the time when the trifactor turned into the quadrafactor, you, ben, nate howes and I roared into that drive in theatre and watched 'the perfect storm,' on a glorious day off that somehow included shoving fistfuls of gravel down Rob G's unsuspecting pants. One of the songs that played in Howes' Pearl Jam windowsticker festooned vehicle was 'off he goes' by the aforementioned band. I would very much like to hear the Matt version of 'Off He Goes' by Pearl Jam.

Smitty said...

Hey Matt, just checking in to see if you have pooped your pants today, and whether or not it has caused A.) Laughter or B.) Tears.

Matthew said...

Not today Smitty, but that kind of event usually tends to cause both reactions simultaneously.