Friday, October 07, 2005

Just Wait - Blues Traveller

Here's the weekend edition since I'm leaving for a 35-hour whirlwhind tour of upper and lower Canada tomorrow (Québec-Montréal-Ottawa and back to see my mommy for Thanksgiving.)
Today's song was requested by Jenni who definitely deserves at least one fulfilled request since she's been holed up in a hospital room the past few days. If you listen to the song you'll hear a little surprise (read: mess-up) at the end, but I decided not to record it again, either because I'm keeping it real or because I'm afraid I couldn't do any better. A little bit of both? It also goes out to Seth Anderson because he played it for me in his car while we drove from Ottawa to New York in September.
(Feel better, Jenni.)
Today's picture is from a Saint Roch underpass, where I trek down the hill to get my groceries. That area is a hub of public art in a formerly ugly neighborhood, which is awesome. There are a million more beautiful things I also pass on that walk. Visitors to Quebec are welcome to come strolling with me and I'll show you, but you'd better do it quick, because I want to be out of here and apartment-hunting in China by hallowe'en!
(Latest dilemma: Shanghai or Chengdu? Maybe Chongqing? How to decide?)

Have a good weekend, all you workaholics.


Tito said...

wow, i missed reading your blogger...

so working at a sourvenir shop eh? great! cause i will need some when im there!!!

take care


Alice said...

i love that you're posting songs all the time now! i like :-)

man, i wish i still worked at the airline.. i would totally fly up to quebec for a walking tour. i've been wanting to go up there for ages, and you know all the good places to go :-)

Jenni~ru said...

Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! I just got home from the hospital and it was very nice to come home to a personal post for me! I loved the way you made the song your own and didn't play it exactly like BT did, that makes it all the better. I loved it, mistake and all. have a great trip and I will talk to you soon!

khris said...

i'm in a terrible mood rigt now. i was gonna post sth, but ended up forgetting....

anyway, as usual, nice song. :)

ttyl xox

Anna said...

Savais tu que le pars qui a imaginé et fait ces piliers et un très bon ami à moi ? trippant non ? ca m,a fait rire de les retrouver ici mm si pour moi t'as pas choisit le plus chouette ! plein de bisous... finallement chengdu pas si mal comme choix non ;-) Anna