Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand (day 7)

China is over for now. I miss it, and, I'll be back, and I'm still practicing my Chinese when I need to procrastinate on something, but there's no use hiding the fact: I've moved to Thailand. It's not much more than a puddle jump over Laos, really.
The earthquake happened in Chengdu. You'll remember me posting news about that. Then a summer vacation to XinJiang (see below). But after that: nothing. Under your radar, here's what I did:

-Left China (Got out just before the Olympics.)
-Visited my family in Montreal (also: Alexia, Brendan, Stephs)
-Went to Family Camp (...totally rocks; totally rules. Let's get serious.)
-Visited Laura in Brooklyn (late summer and culinary delights.)
-Visited Santa Barbara (my first time to California. There were dolphins!)
-Moved to Bangkok.

Now I'll be posting from Bangkok. If you know any super-useful Thai phrases, please let me know in the comments. I have some books, but I'm way behind the curve on actually studying them, since I also have "find a job" and "find an apartment" on my short term to-do list. For the moment, I'm in the Sawatdee Guesthouse on Si Ayutthaya at 400 baht/night. I'll let you know how things proceed.


indiemagnolia said...

just realized that if I ever want to hear you sing save ginny weasley from the basilisk I can just log on to your blog and remember that my wizard scar still burns for you

Marina said...

oh my gosh, love the reference to family camp song!