Tuesday, October 07, 2008

News Flash: protests in Bangkok continue (to not affect me)

Apparently the protests are continuing, although you wouldn't know it from where I'm sitting (in a hostel in kind of a quiet neighborhood by the river).

Still I thought I'd give a little update to those of you who, like me, like to feel like they can at least fake knowing what's up in the world.

News: Apparently, some tear gas was fired.
Then again, pepper spray was fired inside Concordia University to disperse rioters when Benjamin Netanyahu came to speak. It smelled bad, but I got out of there quickly through a corner stairwell. Take home message: pepper spray works on me, I guess.*

And here's your mini-briefing. The three most recent Prime Ministers of Thailand are:
Now you're informed. Go be know-it-alls.

*Not that I was rioting, but take home message # 2 is that pepper spray doesn't discriminate, I'm pretty sure.
**People's Alliance for Democracy. Google it.

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